Saving is something every kid should do. It lets you buy items that otherwise might be out of reach, keeps you out of financial trouble and makes you more independent. Often, it means you can do more, as you have more choices or got additional cash.

Subsequently, you can feel happier. Most importantly, saving gets you to keep your eye on your dreams. Set goals. Look ahead. With saving, you can make things happen!

SMARTKID teaches children how Saving can:

Here in SMARTKID we know that sometimes going without little things means you can enjoy big things later with your savings.

Parents let us help children learn that saving helps one have a larger amount to spend on something big or more important in the future.


All parents want their children to have a successful financial future and the best way to do that is to teach them how to invest. We want out kids to be financially independent and clever with the way they manage their money which is what SMARTKID Offers.

Freedom to Follow Their Dreams

We want our children to have the freedom to follow their dreams. One of our biggest goals at Smartkid Scholars is to help all young people to reach their goals and dreams regardless of the resources available to them,that is why we offer children investment opportunities

Planning ahead

We teach children to think about their long-term financial goals. We teach them how to focus on these goals as they get older and help them succeed at reaching their financial goals for their retirement as adults.

Retire early

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if our children could retire when they wanted to? None of us wants our children to work hard for the rest of their lives. SMARTKID can help our children to retire at an early age. This is because when they invest to retire, it allows them to make money on top of what they earn and that money gains interest, giving generous returns at a younger age


We live in a world where many people want flexibility in their lives and in their jobs. Investing gives them this. By teaching our children how to invest, we give them the option to work from and live anywhere they want to.

Earning Smart

We empower young people and show parents how their children can earn smart. Investing allows them to do this because our investment packages pays more and enables them to knock off years of hard work when they invest.

Great Future!

Isn’t it great to know that our children can have a sound financial future? That they can live their dreams, have flexibility where they live and work, and retire early? All we need to do is give them the tools they need to become young investors.

Enrol your Kid on SMARTKID


Financial literacy is important in making sound financial decisions and achieving individual financial goals. Financially literate people not only manage finances more confidently, but also have a better chance of handling the difficulties in their finances by understanding how to prevent or manage money-related issues if and when they arise.

Financial literacy is important for people to understand their income, expenses and savings in order to manage expenses such as education, vacation, planning their future, repaying or avoiding debts, working towards a secure retirement, protection from debt, and bankruptcy, and so on.

SMARTKID takes an active interest in preparing children for the financial world. Smartkid priority has been teaching kids financial planning and decisions because building a financially secure future for our children assume the top priority in our minds. However, how many of us involve children or teach them how to manage finances, because, without our children’s knowledge, the entire struggle of securing the child’s future would end up futile.

SMARTKID believes that children who are taught to manage their finances early on, grow up as adults who are better equipped to live independently, make good financial decisions, learn about debt and can completely avoid it, understand and plan rent, bills, food, transportation, and other expenses as well as maintain proper savings and plan for future investments.

We strive to ensure our children inherit a prosperous financial future. In order to make sure our children truly appreciate this luxury, we have to teach them the value of money and start grooming our children today. Money is an essential commodity and it is important to master personal money management to achieve and sustain a decent financial lifestyle.

One of the best ways to teach our children about financial freedom is to lead by example, and teaching children basic financial knowledge from early age, will benefit them in the long run, to make life’s big financial decisions and have an expert perspective on their finances