The course covers the following:
  • Introduction to the sessions indicator
  • Analyzing session-based volatility and liquidity
  • Determining optimal trading times using the sessions indicator
  • Exploring key concepts of highs and lows in price action
  • Techniques for identifying significant highs and lows
  • Utilizing highs and lows as entry points in scalping strategies
  • Implementing trend lines to identify market trends
  • Utilizing breakout strategies for precise entries
  • Combining trend lines, breakouts, and supply and demand for effective scalping
  • Defining pip targeting in scalping
  • Setting realistic pip targets based on market conditions
  • Managing trades using precise entries and pip targeting
  • Introduction to automated bots in trading
  • Programming bots to identify chart patterns automatically
  • Leveraging automated bots to enhance scalping strategies


  • Suitable for intermediate traders
  • A computer/laptop/Smart Phone
  • Should have basic trading knowledge
  • knowledge

$ 500